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Physical Therapy | Orthopedics | Sports Medicine

Sport & Spine Clinic of Auburndale & Marshfield is an outpatient physical therapy practice that specializes and treats many physical impairments and conditions. We are a team that is dedicated to providing the highest quality care in a friendly and supportive environment. Each patient receives personalized treatment that is based on the most current medical technology. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with manual techniques continue to yield optimal results for patients.

Since 2001, physicians have referred their patients to Sport & Spine Clinic of Auburndale & Marshfield for the unique quality of care provided by our staff. Our therapists are licensed by the State of Wisconsin. In addition, members of our staff have specialized certifications and have compiled years of specialized treatment techniques and experience.

We accept most insurance plans including Medicare & Work Comp.


Joining together to bring you the best care in central and northern Wisconsin

We Offer:

  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Personalized Care with Treatment Tailored For Each Patient
  • Specialized Treatment Programs
  • Friendly and Open Environment
  • Convenient Locations with Easy Access & Parking

Merrie DeGrand, PT

Clinic Director


The director of Sport & Spine Clinic of Auburndale, received her BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 1989. Since then she has practiced physical therapy for several respected Physical Therapy clinics in the area, including St. Joseph’s Hospital, Theracare, Marshfield Health & Fitness, Riverview Hospital and Genesis ElderCare. During that time, she has developed strong professional and personal relationships with physicians and patients around the area. Merrie is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA ). Merrie is a Strength Training Specialist with the experience to treat people of all ages with individual programs tailored to their specific needs. At Sport & Spine Clinic of Auburndale we strive to work with all health professionals to make your rehabilitation process effective and enjoyable while maintaining a professional clinic within your community.

Merrie is one of the only practitioners in the area trained in visceral mobilization. This is a specialty with gentle touch to promote healthy movement of the organs in the abdominal cavity.

Our highly trained staff treats every patient as if he or she is a family member or personal friend. We realize that as a consumer, you have a choice as to where you receive your rehabilitation care. We would be grateful for the opportunity to assist in your recovery.


Additional programs are available. Contact us for information on additional or specialty programs you may need.

  • Strains/Sprains
  • Neck & Head Aches
  • Low Back/Spine Conditions
  • Arthritis/DJD
  • Tendonitis
  • Surgical Repairs/Reconstruction
  • Manual Therapy
  • Injury Assessment, Treatment, Education & Prevention
  • Knee, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle Rehab
  • Overhead Athlete (Throwing Injuries)
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Personal Training
  • Endurance Training
  • Work Rehabilitation
  • Work Conditioning/Hardening
  • Ergonomic Analysis

This is a specialty with gentle touch to promote healthy movement of the organs in the abdominal cavity. Such diagnoses visceral mobilization may be able to assist with are:

  • GERD
  • Scar Tissue
  • Past Surgeries
  • Bile Duct Issues
  • Hiatal Hernia
  • Constipation
  • Other Irregularities
  • Balance/Fall Prevention
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Women’s Health
  • TMJ Dysfunction


Patient Forms

Patient Forms

For your convenience, you may print and complete these forms prior to your first visit.

New Patient Registration Form PacketDownload

Revised Telehealth Consent Form | Download

This copy may be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the clinic. DO NOT EMAIL FORM.

Medicare Pain Assessment Form | Download 

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

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Functional Outcome Questionnaires

Please fill out the appropriate survey prior to your first visit.

Arm, Shoulder and/or Hand Pain | Download

Low Back Pain | Download

Lower Extremity Pain | Download

Neck Disability | Download

Physician Use

Physician Use

Prescription Form | Download

This copy may be faxed, mailed or hand delivered to the clinic. DO NOT EMAIL PRESCRIPTION.


For Additional Questions Please Contact Us

Yes. The choice of where you receive therapy is always yours. While the majority of our patients come to us by physician referral/recommendation, many clients request to see us due to our strong clinical reputation in the community.

We operate in a direct access state where, if your insurance plan authorizes self-referral to physical therapy, a physician referral is not necessary for you to be seen by a licensed therapist. Please check with your insurance though as many health insurance plans require a physician’s referral for therapy to be covered. We also offer treatments, services and/or products that do NOT require a referral and are available on a self-pay basis.

We participate in the majority of major health insurance plans including Medicare and Worker’s Compensation. Please contact us prior to your first visit to see if we participate with your specific health plan.

As a service to our patients, we will gladly file claims with your insurance company on your behalf. In order to appropriately submit these claims, we will need to obtain a copy of your insurance identification card to ensure that we have the necessary information.

Your therapist will conduct an evaluation of your condition lasting between 60-90 minutes. The evaluation is necessary to create a program designed specifically to address your needs for a maximum recovery.

– Referral slip from your medical doctor
– Your medical insurance card
– Your ID
– If you are getting therapy as a result of a worker’s compensation claim or an automobile accident, you will also need to bring your claim information, including claim number.

Please arrive 15 minutes early on your first visit to fill out any necessary paperwork.

We recommend comfortable clothing such as sweatpants or shorts, a T-shirt or tank-top and sneakers.

Each visit will last 60 – 90 minutes on average. Times vary due to the treatment and exercises being performed.

The regularity of your visits will be determined after your initial evaluation, but most patients have 3 visits each week scheduled.


"I feel miracles happen at Sport & Spine! Brittany & Amy are incredible! Knowledgeable and extremely effective."

- John T. 

"Very professional, welcoming & caring staff who help me look forward to appointments." 

- Grace L.

"Changed my life for the better. I'm happy!" 

- Betty P.

"The staff was extremely helpful and easy to work with. Very professional atmosphere, but they make you feel at home." 

- Jason S.

"Very knowledgeable and helpful with physical conditions. Good exercise to help situation(s)."

 - Karalee L.

"Brittany & Amy are awesome. Will refer others." 

- Helen K. 

"Always courteous & friendly & polite; Very professional. Enjoyed coming here." 

- Sally F.

"This is the very best care you can get for PT! Very professional." 

- Maureen H.
"All three of the girls are wonderful to deal with.They are very knowledgeable and work you hard but to the right point of exhaustion. They were careful of my straining of my knee so I wouldn't hurt it any more but they got me to my goal of riding my bike again. I am so happy! Thank you!"

- Auburndale
"I have had the pleasure of coming to sport and spine for a few years! Always able to have my problems resolved by the excellent staff! On many occasions, I have recommended Sport and Spine to family, friends, and my customer at the golf course where I am employed. Thanks for your help! "

- Auburndale
"The care I received at Sport & Spine Clinic of Marshfield was excellent! I always left the clinic feeling better. An additional bonus was that I never had to take off of work to be seen. Finally, I always felt like Merrie and Brittany listened so very carefully to the details of my back pain. I feel very fortunate to have been able to see them."

- Karen, Marshfield
"Courteous, knowledgeable staff. They were all extremely helpful and caring! Brittany did an excellent job helping with my shoulder discomfort and was a pleasure to be with, Amy was very helpful with scheduling and appointments."

- Auburndale
"After a football injury I was unsure if I would be healthy enough to play in the playoffs this year, my senior year.  After the 1st appointment with Brittany, I was sure I would be able to finish out this season strong.  I had regained so much motion I told Brittany I should get an award for improved in one visit.  I only had to miss two games after starting therapy. Thanks to Brittany I am able to play in all of the playoff games this year."

- Marshfield

“Coming to Sport & Spine of Auburndale & Marshfield was a whole new experience for me with PT. I felt well informed about what was being done and why. I was not given print offs of exercises and told to go home and do them as I was at another facility. The exercises were well taught and I knew what needed to be done at home. Each visit I was pushed a little harder but if I was in a lot of pain on a particular day, Merrie took the time to try to relieve the pain instead of pushing me to do certain exercises. When I talk about Merrie to others I say she has “Magic Hands”. Office staff also very professional & kind.”

Your service and staff are exceptional! Very accommodating and easy to work with. Thanks for everything! We love you guys, but we hope it will be a LONG time before we require your services again. 🙂 - Michelle Q. (mom)

- Auburndale
"Every part of my experience here was positive.  The office staff always accommodated scheduling needs in a professional yet personal manner.  My therapist was fabulous. She evaluated my injury and surgery site and developed a plan for exercise and therapy to regain my range of motion and strength.  Patience and persistence on her part were so much appreciated as we worked our way towards recovery.  She was always professional and caring in her therapy.  I recommend this clinic to friends frequently."

- Linda, Marshfield

“Very friendly, courteous, professional therapists. Helped me very much- Thank you! Very helpful, friendly receptionist!”

- Auburndale

" I have already referred a co-worker to your clinic. The staff is knowledgeable, courteous and professional.  I appreciate the expert, personal care. Thank you!"

- Victoria, Marshfield

"Merrie is the best therapist available! She knows her stuff and had a magic about her. Thanks."


"Thank you for being so awesome taking such great care of me."

- Auburndale

"Everyone was very helpful and friendly. I loved my experience here!"


" Merrie and her staff are excellent at what they do. This is the second time I have seen Merrie and her staff in the last 12 years. She is very precise on what she does. They are ANGELS!"


"What Merrie did for me was awesome! A great therapist!"


"I have used the Sport & Spine Clinic in the past. 1st time in Marshfield facility and Brittany N.  Very good experience, very professional - knew exactly what to do. Thanks."

"It was a great experience. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that needs therapy. The staff was wonderful & very compassionate. Thanks Brittany . . . you were awesome."

- Marshfield
"Merrie is excellent! I have had an issue for over a year and have finally found relief! Merrie understands how the entire body works together and not only treats the acute problem but provides the guidance and support to prevent the issue in the future. I recommend Merrie to everyone!!"

- Marshfield
"Thank you for always listening to the patient and treating all aspects of triggering pain. I know that my body doesn't react in a typical manner but you always listen and adjust accordingly. Not all therapist listen and treat the entire body. Thank you for all the years of healing."

- Marshfield
"Merrie always wants you to get better & helps you how ever she can.l Friendly, sweet, know what she is doing. If I come to Merrie I know she is doing her best to help me. Wonderful staff."

- Marshfield
"I really enjoyed coming here. I thought both Betsy and Amy did an exceptional job. They were always very kind, professional, caring and knowledgable!"

- Auburndale
"Great staff friendly and courteous. Listen to you and adjusts appropriately."

- Auburndale
"The exercise returned strength and mobility to my injured left knee. Restored my confidence and I now trust myself to navigate from home and do recreational activities that my age will allow."

- Marshfield
"Trista also did a very good job, was always pleasant, patient and professional."

- Joyce, Auburndale
"Love you all. You have helped me live again, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your staff is awesome and very accommodating."

- Jane, Auburndale
"I refer people all the time. A great clinic, with wonderful talented staff."

- Auburndale
"Awesome experience with professionalism above all. Thank you for getting me back to normal :)"

- Auburndale
"Professional, knowledgeable, instructive and encouraging. Definitely will return if needing further treatment."

- Auburndale
"Thank you so much! You help was invaluable to me. Great job in every way."

- Auburndale
"Awesome staff. Awesome therapists who truly listen and design a program for each individual."

- Auburndale
"Brittany, You were Amazing!"

- Auburndale
"These ladies are the best to work with!"

- Auburndale
"Brittany & Amy are amazing. They have so much compassion and concern. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. Thanks guys for putting me back together again!" 

- Auburndale
"Thank you so much for taking away my foot pain and teaching me exercises to keep it from coming back." 

- Auburndale
"Merrie is the best! She is warm, friendly and so easy to talk to. She has helped me so much with my GI issues. Thank you Merrie!" 

- Auburndale
"Very atentive and focused. I always feel better after session. My go-to therapists!" 

- Auburndale
"Your professional, positive treatment is very appreciated. Your experience led to healing. I have trusted you and learned so much." 

- Marshfield
"Awesome clinic! Highly recommended." 

- Marshfield
"I came in with much pain in my back lumbar area from a fracture. I was treated very kindly and continued to come to get better." 

- Marshfield
"Best place for physical Therapy. Everyone is treated like you have been friends for life!" 

- Marshfield
"Very thankful for care and treatment by all therapists and staff. Thankful for knowledge & expertise that every person I interacted with had and utilized in my treatment. Amazing place!" 

- Marshfield
"Staff very knowledgeable, friendly & patient. Appreciated that they give you illustrations of exercises to do" 

- Marshfield
"Merrie and her staff are very professional. They are respectful and listen to me." 

- Marshfield
"They all are fantastic people it was great working with you all of you. I will miss you all" 

- Marshfield
"They are all around great people. I will come back after my surgery. They are so much fun to work with" 

- Marshfield
"Thanks for helping me to be able to walk, sit & bend again without any pain. The pain was intolerable when I first came in. " 

- Marshfield
"They are amazing people that are so helpful. They have given me so much help to finally get back on my feet " 

- Marshfield
"It was an honor to come to get relief from pain. Merrie is such a special person in my heart and would prefer to go here and nowhere else. She knows what she is doing and helps many. Really all the staff was good to me and help in my care. Thank you - appreciate everything in caring for me. " 

- Marshfield
"I've come here before and I'm sure I will again. Enjoyed Ashley and Merrie's treatments. They helped me to recover from surgery and get back into my shoe." 

- Marshfield
"Everyone is so helpful, it is a fun place to come, everyone has a great upbeat attitude." 

- Marshfield
"Everyone was lovely! Merrie is so knowledgeable, and I feel so wonderfully cared for. Ashley is great too!"

- Marshfield
"Merrie and Ashley are class acts! They helped me achieve mobility again. Thanks for everything!"

- Marshfield
"Very good knowledgable of what your injury is and how to correct any problem you have, Very warm and caring people. Makes PT enjoyable!"

- Marshfield
"Amazing women, awesome work. I would and have refer people here."

- Marshfield
"Results were better than I expected. Very relaxed atmosphere. Merrie and Ashley were great to work with."

- Marshfield
"Always a pleasure seeing Merrie and staff. They do an excellent job!"

- Marshfield
"- Thank you to both for help and guidance. I appreciate everything you have done. I will keep you informed on my journey."

- Marshfield
"Love what you've done for me! I feel so much younger! Thanks a million!"

- Marshfield
"Always a great experience! Brittany does an awesome job."

- Marshfield
"Brittany is an excellent therapist and helped me tremendously. I'd recommend her to others, hands down."

- Marshfield
"Brittany was fantastic! As was the rest of the staff. I recommended this place to anyone wholeheartedly."

- Marshfield
"The girls mean business and are very helpful. And after all that is what you are here for.. To work and hopefully get better - They're the best."

- Marshfield
"Brittany is awesome to work with and would recommend her to anyone needing PT"

- Marshfield
"Brittany was very knowledgable on how the muscles work with each other to maximize range and motion."

- Marshfield
"Great experience! Can't wait to get injured again."

- Marshfield
"Thank you for helping me become active again!" - Amy K.

- Marshfield
"Always ready for me and made me feel confident in my walk! Brittany and Amy are great"

- Marshfield
"Awesome staff. Very accomodating professional and courteous."

- Marshfield
"Everyone is so polite and courteous. Excellent therapy sessions."

- Marshfield
"I am so glad I can stand up straight and this was a great help to me. Thank you so much!"

- Marshfield
"Always felt comfortable coming here"

- Marshfield
"Kind and knowledgeable people"

- Marshfield
"I appreciate the explanations of what the exercises and therapies are for. Lots of joy and positive words!"

- Marshfield
"Very effective P.T. Everyone is encouraging and helpful in helping to accomplish the goals!"

- Marshfield
"Love the entire staff. Thank you!"

- Marshfield
"You guys Rock! Thank you!"

- Marshfield
"Merrie takes away my pain. Teaches me what to do at home. Really cares that you get better"

- Marshfield
"Everyone was so pleasant and accommodating."
- Marshfield
"Good results in a short amount of time."
- Marshfield
"Very competent. I know I get the care I need"
- Marshfield
"Love this place!! Marrie Ashley, Amy, and Corey are all awesome! Will always go here!"
- Marshfield
"Excellent care-she knows what she should do. Beautiful attitude, Truly cares about patients. Would recommend. Thank you for helping me!"
- Auburndale
"I wouldn't go anywhere else. I tell all my friends this is the best place for therapy. Everything was wonderful!"
- Auburndale
"Thank you for all of the help Sport and Spine"
- Auburndale
"You all are awesome. Thank you so much. God bless"
- Marshfield
"Merrie is a great physical therapist- the best!"
- Marshfield
"Great Place, Great therapists, Great Staff"
- Marshfield
"Ashley is awesome to work with. She makes me very comfortable. Merrie has a great business."
- Marshfield
"Thank you for all you do. I really improved. Merrie you have a caring staff. Kind works well together. Thank you again. God bless"
- Marshfield